“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
(World Health Organization Declaration, 1946)

Starting from this statement, HermesGroup created, also for you, useful methods to reach and maintain a state of complete physical and mental well-being but above all, winning tools to achieve high social and economic goals.


“To know is science. Believe to know is ignorance.” (Colin T. Campbell)

Today everyone speaks of Lifestyles, all copying this brand, too often, unfortunately, without knowing the scientific and deep value of this meaning and without carrying it forward with coherence of image and content. For more than 15 years Dr. Barbon, has created and proposes a particular concept of “Lifestyles”.

Easydetox is achieving a great success also in the specialist field. In fact, the direct experience acquired in these years, added to more than 30years in the medical profession and in the nutritional field, helped activate a food advice for LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer). Some brilliant elements confirm the exceptional results achieved: the simplicity of the method, the contribution from a healthy diet and the value of “Sharing”, an original and very effective group sharing


Today everyone perceives the historical moment that we are experiencing, the “crisis”. We hope and spread a more constructive interpretation of this “crisis”, which the great men of history read as “opportunities”. It is about a deep need for “change”. We only have to find the courage to get out of our “comfort zone” to give us the opportunity to reach unimaginable peaks.

Patrizio Hermes Barbon, with his wife Maria Luisa, made treasure, in recent years, of experiences, studies and paths, which led not only to the perfection of a revolutionary method but also to the realization of their effective and visible “change “. Nowdays, infact,  coherence is becoming more and more important;  the concrete demonstration of the applied theory thus allowing the people met to “trust” and “trust” methods and people that are truly effective and coherent.


The solution lies in understanding that an easy way to change exists, by becoming more aware of our body, of the fact that a fast and beautiful transformation of our Lifestyles leads us to discover an incredible vitality, a renewed energy, an incredible sense of clean and health. Everyone can set their personal goals and whatever the objective they choose is, they reach it. Because they start on a journey together. It is not just a method of weight loss: it is only for those who need to lose weight (someone underweight has also taken the weight of ideas). The “sharing method”, in group meetings and the use of the technology has led us to create incredible results, overcoming fears, preoccupations and difficulties.